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Building Renovation & Restoration


Renovate an old building is perhaps the most sustainable means of construction when the outer shell is kept and the project needs no major effort then the potential environment damage of bringing in new materials is reduced or is none at all. This should be aimed at the process of renovating an existing building. Renovating might means cleaning a building from top to bottom, or simply replacing fixtures and fitting like windows doors drainpipes. Refitting a building a building generally means replacing parts of the internal or external structure.
To encourage renovation process there should be financial incentives to pay for renovation projects as sponsoring sustainable design commonly encourage renovating of existing buildings rather than building a new building.
The 1960s building is completely changed from a run-down building to modern well-run apartments. The building is breathing new life with modern renovation. The new design of façade remained as true as possible allowing the building to keep its original appearance. Adding a touch of black and white to the large windows gives more aesthetics to the building.

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